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Welcome to Osprogroup

Online and digital are of paramount potential when it comes to pressense and exploring worldwide markets. Let us combine the vision, creativity and quality delivery towards your success. Osprogroup is a disruptive innovation agency that wants to help you, keep up and enable the optimal e-tailing and online pressense.

Minds developed for creative challenges.


We are a group of techies, creatives and entrepreneurs.

We are a small league of extraordinary people, that can design and develop websites, enable web technologies, do online branding and social media and e-business advisory.

Osprogroup has a new Logo, Do you like it?

Social, engaging and proactive

With our business and recruitment masters, Osprogroup defines the new sharing and collaboration concepts. In our networks we combine the right skills and people to help any project into fruition. We are not afraid to seek out the help of others and the IT community. We want to stay connected on every social media, forums and tech related events.

Solution for every aspect of your business 

As a solution oriented company, we research and keep track of trends, we utilize the advice of many, use the expertise of groups, you know, we take serious care of how we use the energy through our fingertips. We consider clicking and typing a form of art.

A new brand, and new website 2019


We are ready for take off


Over 8960 ideas explored


Successfull projects

More Facts


Lounge restaurant Branding / Social Media

We did a rebranding of Krkambar – Lounge bar. With a brand new logo, all promotional activities and leaflets.

Sindikat nightclub / Branding & Social Media

A complete design package for the audiences of Sindikat. Events, posters, flyers, a new logo and a design pattern.

Web Design / Interiora

Landing page design based on minimalism, elegance and simplicity. Main goal is presenting interior company, their popular and future products and easy way to get in touch. Clear overview of this kind of company.

Web Design / Automativa

Automativa is Web design intended for sale of second-hand cars. It presents top rated cars,special car offers, sport wheels, and monthly best seller. As a new trend in 2017, this web design is focused on gradient of colors and a lot of functionalities.

Healthier Safer Childcare / Web Design

Healthier Safer Childcare is a company based in Norway.The purpose and function of association is to assist nursery operators in in providing a safe and healthy environment for the children under their care. Developing training, tools and resources that enable nursery operators to take appropriate measures related health and safety of children. Fully responsive Web design, for all devices.